Grocery Lists

Baby Must-Haves* (Age 6-12 mo)

- Grass-fed Butter (KerryGold brand is easily found in most stores)
- Avocados, ripened and peeled (preferably organic)
- Pastured Eggs (preferably organic & local)
- Full-fat Organic Yogurt (plain, and add berries or grade b maple syrup)
- Organic Seasonal Veggies (omitting acidic ones such as tomotoes until 12 mos)
- Organic Seasonal Fruit (omitting strawberries until age 9 mos)
- Grass-fed Beef (preferably organic; local– even better)
- Organic Pastured Chicken
- Wild Caught Salmon & other wild white fish (Once a week until age 2)
- Sprouted Grain Breads (Alvarado St, and Ezekial brands are great)
- Gluten-free whole grains such as quinoa & soaked oats
- Organic Pasta (sparingly)

Toddler Must-Haves* (Age 13 mo-3 yrs)

(to come)

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